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What is the Big Read?


The Big Read aims to address the fact that only 1 in 4 adults now read.  The program provides citizens with the opportunity to read and discuss a single book with their communities and participate in meaningful and engaging adult and youth multi-disciplinary programming.

Who sponsors The Big Read?

The Big Read is an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Arts Midwest.  It is designed to restore reading to the center of American culture.  The Big Read – Arizona Reads is presented by the West Valley Arts Council (WVAC) with the support of several sponsors and partners throughout the state.

Where can I learn more about The Big Read?

Visit www.neabigread.org


When is this year’s Big Read?

Programming and events will be scheduled for the month of January 2013.


What is this year’s selection?

“The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck


What is the goal of The Big Read?

The West Valley Arts Council’s goal is to work with its sponsors and partners to increase discussion across all age groups, ethnicities, and education levels by providing meaningful and engaging adult and youth multi-disciplinary programming throughout the month with this year’s selected title, “The Grapes of Wrath”.


Do you give out free books? 

Yes.  Thanks to a grant the WVAC receives from the NEA we are able to distribute free copies of the chosen book.  We encourage libraries and other partners to help us increase the number of books we are able to give-away by participating in the following:

  • Pass-A-Book On:  Set aside 2-3 donated books and insert check out cards inside that people can sign showing they have read the book with directions to pass it on.  A label inside will direct people to www.bigreadaz.org to learn about programming and libraries where the book can be returned at the end of the month.
  • Contact used book stores to see if they are willing to donate used copies to libraries for circulation.
  • Donate a Book:  The WVAC will provide donate a book fliers to be placed in libraries and partner’s organizations by early September, encouraging patrons to donate used and/or new copies of the selected title that can be given away.


How can I learn more about the programming being offered throughout the state?

Visit www.bigreadaz.org.  We are currently accepting programming from our Big Read partners.  Please submit all core programming by September 19, allowing enough time to include in marketing and promotional material.  Additional programming will be accepted after this date and uploaded to www.bigreadaz.org.

Can my library get involved and provide programming? 

Absolutely!  The more libraries and organizations we get involved in The Big Read the more opportunities we have of meeting our goal of increasing participation and restoring reading to the center of American culture!

Thank you to all our 2013 Big Read AZ sponsors!

 main title grapes


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